10 Best Android apps of 2016


10 Best Android apps of 2016

The Google play store is a treasure trove of great apps with best features and its numbers are keep on increasing rapidly in recent years, and 2016 is no expectation. There are vast arrays of apps which are made to cater your every need. The problem regarding this is as there are too many of them; it’s hard for you to find out the best Android app. So we have compiled a list of 10 best android apps of 2016, read on to find out.

1  Spotify


Spotify is a world famous app which makes streaming music services available to its users. The app is basically free, but premium version is also available. In the free version, you can listen to any artist, album or playlist in shuffle mode. In premium version, you can enjoy more services offline and also with advert free.

2  PushBullet


PushBullet is a time-saving app which helps you to get a file from your phone to computer. It is a free app which gives you notifications on your computer when somebody texts you on your phone and you are too busy to check your phone.

3  Evernote


Evernote doesn’t need an introduction at all as it is a worldwide popular utility app. Very appealing design, simple to-do lists, offline access, easy synchronization and powerful search tool are some of the features of the app. The App is free, but there is also a premium version in which you can access all the notes offline within seconds.

4  Metal Pro


It is basically a mashup of the official Facebook app which costs around $1.69. Accessing official Facebook app on your phone can consume a whole lot of your battery whereas Metal Pro helps you to solve the problem.

5  Strava


Strava is an innovate app which is very useful for runners and cyclists. The app is free and with Strava, you can create, find routes and track your speed, distance and performance effectively.

6  Pocket

pocket logo

Pocket is a useful app for people who love to read web content but doesn’t have enough time to do it. The app is absolutely free which makes it possible for you to save web pages and videos for later watching offline.

7  VLC for Android


VLC is a local player to make watching video content a breeze for, it is a free app which has great features and supports almost all types of files.

8  Metamorphabet


It is an app priced at $5.66 and helps you to learn what each letter mean and how to spell them. It is mainly made for children but is also useful for adults.

9  Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! logo

Zombies, Run is an audio adventure game which satisfies the game addict in you. There are a lot of missions which needs to accomplish while you run to the destination. The app is priced at $5.90.

10  Naked Browser


Please do not judge the app by its name; it is an innocent app regardless of its not-so-innocent name. The name is based on the lightweight experience it provides to its users. The free app helps you to make your RAM usage minimal by giving a speed boost while you browse.

Searching for the best app can be a daunting experience for many. There are dozens of app available for different category to satisfy your requirements. The referred apps selected based on its maximum utilities reported by various market survey reports. This will be useful to readers as you don’t have to again re-invent the wheel.