11 Best Online Video Games Of All Time


11 Best Online Video Games Of All Time

Video games have become very popular among people cutting across age and gender differences. You can get video games from your favorite off line stores and also directly from online. Online downloading, makes things easy, and you don’t have to wait for the physical stock to hit in your store. This article discusses about 11 best online video games of all time, let us explore.

1  Gone Home

It is a PC game which was developed by The Fulbright Company in the year 2013. It is an introspective and mysterious game place which doesn’t have any action and shooting. The plot is an empty house, and Kaitlin Greenbriar is exploring the house based on some clues left out by her sister.

2  Double Dragon

Double Dragon is a 1987 series, which was developed by Technos Japan. It originated as an Arcade game and later better versions released on many platforms. It is a successor to the earlier Technos Beat ‘em up, but this version is a 2 player game which had many innovative additions.

3  Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

It was developed by Bioware and published by LucasArts in the year 2003. Both star war fans and non-star war fans will equally like the game.

4  The Last of US

The last of US is an action adventure horror video game which was developed by NaughtyDog and releases in 2013. It is a game which is to be played from the perspective of a third person. Players use new weapons and firearms and some creatures.

5  Okami

Okami is an action-adventure game which was developed by Clover Studio in the year 2006. It was released on PlayStation and it portrays classic Japanese history. The game makes use of old Japanese myths and folklore to take the game forward.

6  Dark Souls

Dark Souls is an Action Role-playing game developed by FromSoftware in 2011. It is a game which portrays a fictional kingdom of Lordan. Players take up the role of a cursed undead body that starts a journey to discover the fate of the undead.

7  Journey

Journey is a 2012 Indie video game which is developed by Thatgamecomany and is published by Sony computer entertainment for PlayStation 3. It can be played by a single player and multiple players and the story the game is all about a robed figure who is travelling towards a mountain from a desert.

8  Half-Life 2

It is a first-person shooter video game which is a sequel of Half-life (1998). It was first released in 2004 and is developed by Valve Corporation. It is available in Microsoft Windows, Playstation3, OS x, Linux, Android, and XBOX.

9  Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is an action adventure game, released in 2005 by Sony Computer Entertainment. The story line focuses on a young man who accidentally enters a forbidden land. It is a puzzle game which doesn’t have feature enemies to destroy, no towns to explore and nobody to interact with other than a girl.

10  Halo: Combat Evolved

It is a 2001 military science fiction, which is basically a 1st person shooter game. The game has become popular considering the elements like its story, multi-player mode, different strategies and the visual effects.

11  BioShock

BioShock is a 1st person shooter game which was developed by 2K Boston in the year 2007. The concept of the game is based on an airplane crash scene. It involves killing enemies, taking up different strategies to save themselves and a lot of modern weapons.

The list includes some of the video games which have been consistently ranked by video game enthusiasts and journalists. All the listed videos are great in performance, graphics, and with technical features always make the players more aggressive and active.