5 Reasons why Windows 10 upgradeis necessary


5 Reasons why Windows 10 upgrade is necessary

Months after its release, Windows 10 has received a good reception despite some hiccups. Are you still using the older versions of Windows? Why not upgrade to Windows 8?

Most Windows 8 users hated the venerable desktop and the new-fangled Start menu. It causes a lot of confusion. Most people reverted to the good old Windows 7. After all, there was nothing appealing about upgrading to Windows 8 besides the slightly improved desktop.

Meet Windows 10.It has the refreshing mix of Windows 8 and the spirit of Windows 8. Without further ado, here are reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 10.

Reasons for upgrading to Windows 10

1  Long live the start screen

The start menu for Windows 8 was a failure. However, Windows 10 has introduced a Start menu similar to that of Windows 7 but with slight improvement. It is resizable, colorful and ultimately configurable.

2  Less control panel, more settings

If there is any aspect that is continually changing, it is the control panel. New setting features have been added giving it a new lease of life.

3  Virtual desktops

This particular version of Windows will be the first to allow virtual desktops or the multiple desktop workspaces.

4  Cortana

Cortana is Windows virtual assistant person. It the Hey Siri feature of Windows. Cortana is a feature that has been integrated to Windows 10. Users can use the voice command prompt to ask questions. In addition, Cortana links all related devices and set reminders and alarms regardless of the location.

5  Aero is back

Windows 7 users will remember Aero. Windows 10 has picked some aspects of Aero, and we hope it will return in full.

6  Compression and smaller installation

Windows 10 will incorporate a more efficient compression algorithm. This means that files are expected to be smaller, roughly 1.5-2.6 GB. However, that will depend on the version. In the long run, a lot of storage space is saved.

7  It has features gamers will like

One of the significant improvements made in Windows 10 is the introduction of Direct X12
Benefits and goals of Direct X12

  • It reduces driver overhead. That means gamers will experience better performance.
  • Users will not need to update any aspects of the computer as long as their graphics cards are fairly recently.

The best news, however, is that the Direct X 12 will be pre-installed on the Windows 10 by default. This is a strong indication that Windows is changing the gaming perception.

8  Free upgrade for existing Windows users

This is great news for all Windows users. This is despite the fact that users may have had issues with their previous upgrade plans.
Microsoft hopes to install Windows in many computers as possible.

9  New, faster and efficient browser

Windows 10 have introduced the new Edge browser. Its main aim is to replace the old and aligned Internet Explorer. The Edge browser is way faster than Google’s Chrome browser. It has an appealing interface and a user-friendly navigation bar. Improved performance is one of its many benefits.

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