5 Useful Personal Finance Apps For Apple And Android


5 Useful Personal Finance Apps For Apple And Android

In Today’s era of technology, much modern equipment has been developed for computers, laptops and more. The most interesting and useful such gadget is smartphones, which has become the core necessity of people in today’s world, as it has made our day to day activities so easy.

You can do anything with Smartphone as there are so many applications matching to your daily personal and business requirements and life has become very comfortable with these applications.
You can also manage money and other financial activities, with the smartphone. There are dozens of such personal financial applications available for or IOS Operating systems ranging from making the budget to filling taxes.

Here is a short list of five such applications:

1  Level Money

Level Money

Level Money is a new app that can run on Android and IOS Operating systems for free of cost. This app is an award-winning application, which simply acts as a money meter in your mobile phones, and helps you to track the cash flow on a daily basis. On every month’s first day, this app fills up with income based on the history of expenditures, subtracts recurring bills and savings and calculates the money available for spending. You can set this app on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

2  Prosper Daily (Formerly Billguard)

Prosper Daily

It is a free download app for the both operating systems. You can track expenses and protect credit cards from various frauds, as this app is secured. With this, you can check the balance, along with recurring charges on credit or debit cards. This app also creates alert to apprehensive chargeable, if being posted to your account. It also allows one to contact the merchant, and report charges. With this one can get his money back from unfair charges.

3  Mint Bills (Formerly Check)

Mint Bills

Mint Bills is another app available for both the platforms. In fact, this is also an award-winning app that helps a person to track his bills, control and monitor bank accounts and credit cards. With this app, all the details related to bills, due dates, and other payables can be seen in a centralized place, along with a reminder for due bills and alerts for low funds. You can also pay bills with this app and even let you track the expenditure details.



4  Personal Capital

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a free app available for Android and IOS based Smartphones. It provides easy to understand charts and graphs for income, expenditure and investments so that it becomes easy for people to monitor financial activities. This app helps to track investments, assets, and individual security, along with the analysis of the exact percentage of each assets reflection in the portfolio. It is a mutual fund calculator which can alert the user if any extra payments have made inadvertently.



5  Wallet


Wallet is a web and mobile platform app that tracks budget and expenses, and make sense of the user’s financial status, handling budgets and tracking expenditures with the maintenance of records on the device and online. The features in this app include, set monthly income, make a budget, record expenses, and also handles payments like debts and bills. You can download this application for free of cost on your smartphone.
All these listed apps help you in your financial decisions and activities, receivables along with a calculator to help you and make your life comfortable.