6 Best Android Game Developer Companies

6 Best Android Game Developer Companies
6 Best Android Game Developer Companies

6 Best Android Game Developer Companies

In this age of Android revolution, the rise of free apps supported by in-app purchases has led to an exponential growth in number and reach of games. Since Android OS is widely using in majority Smartphone sets, game developers are devoting their maximum effort to develop best-featured Android games to make the gaming experience to a wonder world of enjoyment.

This year developers will generate US$26 billion in revenue from app stores as per the estimated forecast. For the year 2017, the projected volume of business will be about US$77 billion. Every serious or we can say addicted video game players contribute in a good way to increase the revenue generation of big video game developers. Their small token of downloading cost plays a significant role in generating revenue over US$ 1 billion from individual games.
Look at the following 6 Best Android Game developer companies:-

1  Caesars Entertainment


Caesars Entertainment is a gaming giant company makes mobile apps and games and publishes apps aiming to add up the casino experience by offering tips on places and events to make the video game an enjoyable experience. It also develops mobile games such as Bingo Blitz through its subsidiaries Buffalo Studios, Pacific Interactive, and Playtika.

2  Sega- Sega


Sega- Sega, founded in 1960, is a renowned and considered to be amongst 6 best Android developer companies when it comes to developing games. Its mobile apps have been highly successful with titles like Crazy Taxi and Golden Axe along with the classic Sonic games.

3  Gameloft


Gameloft, which has its headquarters in Paris, develops games across various platforms. It is widely famous for its mobile game Despicable Me: Minion Rush. The company has developed more than 300 apps and announced new games including Spider-Man Unlimited, Dungeon Gems, and Asphalt Overdrive.



GREE– One of the Japan’s leading mobile game developer company GREE games such as Knights & Dragons received a tremendous response from the video game players and in just 30 days, it could bring in more than US$ 5 million as revenue. Its various apps let you build profiles, compare scores from different games, and earn virtual currency.

5  GungHo Online


GungHo Online– This Japan-based mobile game developer company has developed many games and apps, including Freak Tower, Divine Gate, Puzzle & Dragons, Summons Board and Dokuro. Their online store generated more than US$1 billion on Puzzle & Dragons alone.

6  King


King– Another of the 6 best android game developer company King has been legendary in the once very famous game Candy Crush. It also has Pet Rescue Saga and Farm Heroes Saga to its credit. This company has generated revenue more than $ 2.20 billion for the last year.

All these 6 best Android Game developer companies are making a fortune by raking in revenues which shall surpass GDP’s of some small countries of this planet. In the times to come, we shall see this phenomenon growing and the demand for their product going up skyrocketing. We could see that there is a huge fan base for Android-based video game application, which is directly competing with iOS of Apple.

However, the pricing and interactive features and cheap availability of Android-based Smartphone play a significant role to have an increased Android-based video game user base. That could be one reason, and we can find more and more video game developers are concentrating their effort on producing the new version of video games playable on Android OS, which will be directly benefiting Android game developing companies.

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