6 companies that have dominated the laptop market


6 companies that have dominated the laptop market

Are you looking for a reliable company that will sell you a genuine and long lasting laptop? It does not matter what is the intended use of the laptop. It may be a student or for gaming purposes.

There are different companies on the global front that deal with the manufacturing and sale of laptops. The article will discuss some of the companies that have dominated laptop market.


Are you looking for a laptop brand that is a game changer? Apple is one of the companies that design high-end laptops for its customer base. Apple products are known for their quality, not forgetting their features which are very easy to use. Their laptops have excellent and elegant designs. The downside is that it may cost an arm and a leg. For those who are not working on a budget, it is an ideal option.

Key features:

  • Strong performance
  • Excellent battery life
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Super flash storage


This is a fantastic all-rounder. ASUS is known for manufacturing topmost brands using high-quality components, yet it is still affordable. The budgetary needs of various consumers have been met. The cost of their computers ranges from $ 300 to $2399. As for the designs, they are pretty straight forward and solid.


If you are looking for a laptop brand that offers unbelievable performance and services, then Dell model is what you need. True Windows lovers can attest to this fact. The manufacturers have designed laptops for people with varying financial capabilities.

Key features:

  • Good battery life
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Attractive design
  • Small footprint


    • It runs warm on the bottom
    • Relatively slow SSD


Most Lenovo laptops are nondescript, dark or gray. They lack style, but they have a strong build quality. The manufacturers use quality hardware and components. One of the advantages of owning a Lenovo laptop is that they last for longer periods and are reliable.

Key features:

      • Loud and accurate audio
      • Durable design
      • Amazing keyboard
      • Nice battery life with extended battery life


      • The screen brightness is below average


Acer is known for its portability. It highly recognized among the public. It is not unusual to see Acer devices in cyber café and public offices. Be it simplicity, utility or ultimate portability, Acer got your covered.

Key features:

      • Long battery life
      • Impressive performance
      • Sleek and lightweight design
      • Snappy keyboard
      • Strong security features


      • It has a very plain design
      • Sub-par webcam


Sony users have a lot of good things to report about their devices. It is a wise idea to invest in a Sony laptop as they are dependable and functional. The manufacturers never lie in their advertisements. Also, the latest models of Sony laptops are simple, support Windows 8 and some even have touch screens.

Key features:

      • Excellent ultra-portable laptop
      • It has the latest Intel processors


      • It has a non-removable battery. However, an external battery can be added
      • It has few ports and connections
      • It allows integrated graphics only

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