6 Reasons why Android is the biggest smartphone platform


6 Reasons why Android is the biggest smartphone platform

The battle between Android and Apple is not about to end anytime soon. Which operating system is the best? What gives that OS a competitive edge over the one?

Apple had created a niche for itself before Android took over the market. Apple may be producing high-end phones with excellent features, but most smartphone users prefer Android enabled devices. One of the major reasons why users prefer Android to Apple is because it provides a lot of functionality, flexibility and freedom of choice. Still wondering why Android is the biggest smartphone platform globally? Here are various reasons why Android is the best.

1  More storage for less money

Apple has sleek phones with great features, but their storage space lets them down.16 GB of internal memory phone goes for roughly $648-$744.
However, Android phones sell at a lower price, and they have massive internal storage space. For instance, all the major Samsung, HTC, and LG phones start with a reasonable storage space of 32 GB internal storage. Also, they come to a micro SD that allows users to add more capacity if need be.

2  High-resolution screen

Android phones have high-resolution screens that make reading, viewing videos and gaming easy and sharper. This is one factor that Apple has never been able to achieve. Only the high-end iPhones have this characteristic, but it cannot exceed the standards set by Android smartphones.

3  Customization, widgets, and skins

Apple offers fewer customization options for the users of their devices. iPhone users have access to very few widgets on the notification drawers. However, with Android, users can choose a wide variety of widgets that can be displayed on their home and lock screens. The widgets range from weather, music playbacks and note taking.
In addition, LG and Samsung have customized skins that offer the operating system a unique feel and look.

4  Android has more hardware options, including rugged phones

Different Android smartphones have varying features. For instance, some have small screens, giant screens, QWERTY keyboards, built-in projectors and replaceable batteries.

5  Freedom to install any app you want

Apple has limits when it comes to app installation. For instance, apps that are too violent, controversial, too political or sexual cannot be purchased from the Apple app store. Also, they do not allow their users to purchase apps that are competing with Apple.
However, Android allows users to purchase or download apps from their competitors such as Amazon.

6  Universal sharing

Android enables users to share content with their friends and on social media too. Android has installed tools such as Twitter, Google+ and Facebook that makes sharing easy.
In addition, users can share videos, apps and documents with other Android users’ easily. Other operating systems like Apple only support sharing on features that they have inbuilt support. Sharing content to and from social media is hectic for Apple enabled devices. Instead of sharing directly from the site, one has to copy the link from the web and paste it into the site of sharing.

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