7 Amazing Facts About Facebook


7 Amazing Facts About Facebook

Facebook is the number one social media site and even when orkut had to down its shutters, the site continues to do well. The site even managed to add a new word to our dictionary – unfriend. While you are maybe using the site on a daily basis, here are 7 amazing facts Facebook that are likely to surprise you.

1  The blue shade

Ever wondered why the site is primarily in shades of blue? It is because the founder Mark Zuckerberg suffers from Red-Green colour blindness. The early login page featured a distorted image of Al Pacino. It was later phased out for a more general look and appearance.

2  Best media to interact with strangers

Facebook isn’t the number one resource for interacting with strangers and making new friends. You still have to do it in the old-fashioned manner i.e. in person because statistics seem to suggest that most users on Facebook only seem to accept a request from someone they already know in real life. Also, Facebook tends to suspend your account if you send in a lot of unsolicited friend requests.

3  A real divorce bug

Facebook was behind many divorces in the last couple of years, and many users have used Facebook to inform their exes about a broken relationship by changing their relationship status back to single. Facebook also offers a legacy account, and you can assign someone to control your Facebook account after your demise. Just head to settings tab on your account, then click on security and select a legacy contact.

4  Facebook rejected Brian and paid him $19 billion

One of the WhatsApp founders, Brian Action, was rejected by Facebook in 2009 where he had applied for a job. Later, Facebook purchased WhatsApp for a whopping $19 billion. Life did turn a full circle for Brian, it seems!

5  Play chess with Facebook messenger

You can play a game of chess on Facebook messenger with a friend. Just type @fbchess play on messenger and start playing. You can even use Facebook for blogging. Just head to Facebook notes and write down what you wish to share with your followers. It will be saved on Facebook’s servers just like a blog entry for viewers to read. Facebook also allows you to download a history of your account which means every post, video and even chat messages that you have shared with other users. It can come in handy if you need evidence in a lawsuit.

6  Philanthropist

One of the founders of Facebook-Eduardo Saverin packed all his stuff and shifted base from the US to Singapore. He even gave up his US citizenship. Reason- he didn’t want to pay higher taxes in the US. Mark Zuckerberg, on the other hand, has donated a large part of his wealth towards charitable purposes.

7  You cannot block Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg lists himself as a Harvard graduate on Facebook even though he is technically a dropout. You also cannot block him on Facebook. Adding the number 4 after the site’s address will land you on Mark Zuckerberg’s wall directly. Similarly, adding certain other numbers such as 5, 6, 7, 10, etc. will redirect to some other important employees of Facebook.

1  Conclusion

Facebook has managed to dominate the social media space for a long time and will continue to be the most popular site in future as well. It doesn’t seem likely that anybody will be able to challenge its popularity in the coming years. How many amazing facts do you know about Facebook?