7 Best video games of 2016


7 Best video games of 2016

Video games are loved by one and all irrespective of age limits especially the youngsters. There was a time when people accused with exaggeration that children are addicted to video games. Now a day everybody is interested in playing video games, and people are waiting for the new releases. In 2015, we had great hits, and the trend of 2016 is also not bad. In this article, we are introducing 7 best video games of 2016 so far released.

1  ReCore

ReCore is all about humans and robots. This game is basically made showing the importance of humanity in this Planet. Jewel and Mack are shown meeting each other at the beginning of the game, and they fight together to protect the world at all cost. A game everyone would get thrilled to play.

2  Dark Souls III

The Dark Souls titles are exciting to play and can engross a person completely in the game. The third series of this game is most likely to release in April. This game portrays wars and strategies of fighting wars. It is all about dead and darkness. Mostly children would find it more interesting to play Dark Souls III. The character builder is said to have been expanded in this game, and there would be new characters where you need to fight and establish your skills.

3  Rachet & Clank

This PSP game will be made more fun and fabulous in their new series which is expected to be filled with new weapons and features that will be even more exciting and impressive. This game will be a recreation of the original Rachet & Clark that people used to play before.

4  Battleborn

Battleborn is a first person game which is expected to release this Year. People are really excited to play this game. It is a fun game filled with colours and brightness. In this case, species fled from their planets as their worlds will be destroyed and it is set on a star called Solus. Colourful games have the power to make everyone get hooked to the game for hours.

5  Uncharted 4- A Thief’s End

The Uncharted series is a treat to play with all Mysteries and adventures. The Uncharted Series 3 was a huge blockbuster. Drake would be back again with his Brother Sam, who was apparently not found dead. They would both set out on a journey where they will find a hidden treasure and also solve mysteries which would involve engaging with the pirates. The places would be exciting to fight and play.

6  Overwatch

This game is a fiction of what will happen if robots overrule this planet. The robot tries to threaten humanity. This game will involve 6 characters, and the players shall have the freedom to choose the characters that he wants to play.

7  Lego Star Wars -The force awakens

This is a Lego video game, and you would be provided with the opportunity to play Star Wars which is a great movie. This game features Star Wars series 7.
These are the best video games that are released and also expected to release in the coming months in 2016 offering all the fun and excitement. Do watch out for them!