Facebook VS Twitter – Who’s more successful?

Facebook VS Twitter - Who's more successful
Facebook VS Twitter - Who's more successful

Facebook VS Twitter – Who’s more successful?


Facebook and Twitter are both examples of social networks that have managed to carve a niche space for themselves and have built up a huge user base in a relatively short span of time. While Facebook is primarily an entire ecosystem of services and is useful as a scrapbook where users can store memories, Twitter is more useful for sharing information quickly with a lot of followers. But who’s more successful? Let’s compare the two and find out.

User Base

Regarding user base, Facebook is currently the leader with the number of users regularly logging in to the popular social networking site. Twitter, however, is fast catching up and offers a greater outreach because you can share the feed with all your followers, and not just your mutual friends.

Facebook is meant for the exchange of information with people we are already acquainted with such as close friends, family, and colleagues while Twitter offers the comfort of sharing information even with strangers whom we may not know at a personal level.

Twitter provides the ability to interact with even a big shot celebrity. Even a college goer can interact and tweet to the President of United States. On Facebook, unless you are mutual friends, even your direct messages will not be delivered to the inbox folder.


Facebook offers more privacy than Twitter. But Twiter is more of a casual platform where conversations tend to be light-hearted, and you can share views with a stranger by simply tagging them. However, on Facebook, unless you have both approved each other as friends, very little conversation/interaction is possible.

Information and other media

Twitter should be your first preference for sharing information instantly. Facebook is better for longer posts and when your goal is to archive information. Twitter, in contrast, is preferred and frequently used in times of natural disasters as the number one resource for sharing news instantly.
Facebook is more of an archives sort of a website where it is possible to store tons of information for posterity. However, users may not be aware, but Facebook has been on an acquisition spree and has purchased WhatsApp and Instagram, both also important media sharing platforms and so technically while using them, you are making use of a Facebook platform.

Smartphone Users

Smartphone users prefer Twitter because of its simple interface. Facebook adapted late to smartphone users. It does have an app for smartphone users but lags behind in terms of revenue. Twitter is relatively easy to use, and its character limit means it is without frills which are not possible in case of a full social networking site like Facebook.


It ‘s hard to pin point which of the giants of social networking is more successful as both serve useful purposes and are of immense benefit to its users. If you look at user base and features, then Facebook is more successful but in terms of sharing information instantly, Twitter’s platform is the best at present.