I Phone 7: What People Are Expecting From It


I Phone 7: What People Are Expecting From It

Apple has always been beyond everyone’s imagination in launching their new products. Every year people anxiously wait for the launch of new I phones started back in 2007. Since then there is no looking back. This year before the launch of iPhone 7, people’s expectations are too much. There were too many speculations and rumours. Let us have a look at what people are expecting from the new iPhone.

Phone size

iPhone has considerably increased its size every year. iPhone 6 and 6 plus had 4.7″ and 5.5″ size respectively, which the customers happily flaunted. People were apprehensive initially but then it was accepted worldwide. People expect Apple not to increase the phone size of iPhone 7, but would like to repeat their iPhone 6 and 6 plus size for the new version too. As per the rumour mill, Apple might go with the same strategy.

3D screen

Apple’s competitors also have full HD screen phones, so people are expecting from iPhone 7 to have a 3D screen. More precisely the “naked eye 3D” which do not require 3D glasses to be worn to see the screen. If Apple fulfils the 3D screen expectation of the customers, then it would be a revolutionary move by the company.

Picture Quality and Camera

The most convincing and important reason of I phone getting fame was it’s Camera. No other brand provides the image quality and Camera features, which iPhone offers. People are expecting much higher camera quality from I phone 7.People want the new I phone 7 to host a 13MP camera and 4MP front camera providing an equal quality to DSLR.

Headphone Jack

Speculations have been making the round that Apple might just snap off the 3.5mm Headphone jack from iPhone 7. Social media platform raised the issue and could see people are not favouring it. The news has not gone down well with its loyal customers and they expect Apple not to remove the jack and rather keep it. If not then people would want Apple to introduce Bluetooth in their new iPhones.

Waterproof Body and high Storage

Apple competitors have accumulated market on waterproof phones which iPhone has still not launched. People expect the iPhone 7 to have Non-aluminium body to be waterproof. The little bit ugly antenna bands noticeable should be removed giving it a sleek and stylish design. As iPhone does not allow external storage, people want Apple to launch iPhone with a high storage option of up to 256 GB.

RAM Memory

With more storage and revolutionary display screen people wish Apple to increase RAM memory to 3GB for a smooth and flawless run of the phone. In addition, Apple competitors have launched phone having RAM of 2Gb, 3GB and even more. It’s high time Apple introduces more RAM to continue its non-hanging and smooth running legacy.

Battery Backup

iPhone users seem to complain about the weak battery and would want iPhone 7 to have a battery backup to be more than 3000 Mah. The previous iPhones were equipped with a battery of 2000 mAh and took almost an hour to charge fully while other Smartphone’s with more battery backup charges in less than an hour. With more memory and upgraded chip Apple would surely work out on their battery issue.

Wireless Charging

The most prominent feature people want to have in iPhone 7 is Wireless charging option. With the close competitors already launching the wireless charging smartphones, it would be the right time to make a move by the Apple to capture their market and give Apple loyal customers a boon. People are keen to have a wireless charging in iPhone 7.
All tech geeks and I phone lovers are looking forward to iPhone 7. Time will only tell Whether Apple can meet the expectation or their ardent fans, and whether they have managed to maintain their legacy.