Points to Ponder on Before Installing Solar Panels


Points to Ponder on Before Installing Solar Panels

Solar panels house the solar cells or photovoltaic cells which convert the sun’s energy to electricity. Solar panels are bulky equipment and play vital roles in capturing and collecting the solar energy. So it is important to place them at strategic locations to maximize sunlight collection. Certain precautions and planning are also required before procuring them and planning their installations.

While it is an innovative idea to install a solar panel, it is equally important to plan out things at the beginning so that and you can make most out of your invested money. Let’s look into some of the important points you need to consider.

How much solar energy do you need?

First it is important to ascertain how much solar energy you need. Whether you want to power your entire home, or you want to power certain appliances during certain seasons. The power required estimate will help you to calculate the number of panels and the space required to install them.

Do have the space and structure conducive for solar panel installation?

It is important to make sure that you have the required space to install the solar system and maintain it. Check if the supporting structures are sturdy enough to support the weight of the panels and the wind-shear. The panels also require periodical cleaning and maintenance. So you need to ensure that your roof top has the required approach. Also find a safe place for the power inverter. If the structures look suitable for installation, select the right solar panel mounting and model, so that the panels don’t appear out of the killer with the rest of the house. You can choose flat roof mounting, or tile roof or tin roof mountings.

Types of Panels and Mountings

Is there sufficient sunlight and how to optimize sunlight?

Before you take any concrete step, it makes sense to check with a solar panel expert whether there is enough sunlight to run a home-sustaining solar system. You can try Wunderground.com’s tool to estimate the amount of sunlight in your area. After confirming, think on optimizing the amount of sunlight received by the solar cells as this will ensure greater power generation. The section where you intend to install the solar panel or collectors should be out of shade year-round. The panel should also be placed strategically and should face true south with a proper tilt.

The optimum tilt angle depends on your location’s latitude. Consult a map to get the latitude for your location. The sun is higher in the summer and lower in the winter. So you capture more energy during the whole year by adjusting the tilt of the panels according to the season.

You can opt for a fixed angle mount throughout the year or vary the tilt with each season. Solar installations are a combination of carpentry, plumbing, and electrical jobs. Both good planning and correct execution are crucial for the successful installations of collectors. They will save you from future hassles and retrofitting costs, ensure safety, and ensure smooth and optimum running of the system.

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