Pokemon Go Banned in Nepal


Here’s a bad news for all the Pokemon Go fans in Nepal. The officials of Pokemon Go have banned the game in Nepal. Not that it has been launched in Nepal, but there were numbers of illegal downloads of the game.

Well, according to the sources, the reason behind the game being banned in Nepal is due to a number of unauthorised downloads of the game since it’s not even been released in Nepal.

However, the reason is still not quite promising since there are a number of games and apps that people use through unauthorised downloads regardless of it not being released in the country. Also, there are many other countries going gaga over the game regardless of it not being released in their country.

In addition to this, we have also come find out that the game working in some cities, like Butwal.

Well, as of now, the game has been unofficially officially banned in Kathmandu city. The players can view their Pokemon gallery and increase the stardust, but they cannot find the Pokemon and neither can they catch them.