SEO and Keywords – What do They Mean?


What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

When you upload a website with details of your products and services, or have an e-commerce site, or upload blogs then your sole motto is to get visibility and ensure the site is found easily by the web browsers. By using correct keywords and search engine friendly elements you can draw more traffic into your site. This technique of editing a website’s code and content to improve a site’s visibility is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

What are Search Engines?

Search engines are programs that search documents for specified keywords and return a list of locations where the keywords were found. Google, Bing and Yahoo are some of the most popular search engines which help you to find specific information from a huge mass of online data on the World Wide Web. Search engines help to organize and display information in a manner that makes it readily accessible.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are the words you type in when you are searching for products, services, and answers to specific questions on search engines. You can also use keyword phrase which is multiple words strung together. Keyword phrases or long-tail variation keywords, such as “ladies bags” or an expanded phrase like “brown color leather ladies bags” can be typed in to be more specific and to narrow down the search results.

Why Is SEO Vital for Web Marketing?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increases traffic to your site by improving your ranking on major search engines. For a given search those with the highest ranking are shown first. Using keywords and phrases in a certain manner helps to generate more traffic and makes the site search engine friendly.

Values of Keyword Research

Keywords are at the heart of SEO. Your website should be optimized for the keywords and phrases that users are actually using. It’s not always about getting visitors to your site, but also about getting the right kind of visitors. With keyword research you can predict shifts in demand, respond to changing market conditions, and produce products, services, and content that web searchers are actively searching. Keyword research can identify the appropriate keyword combinations and those with less competition.

Keyword Research Tools and their Usage

Keyword research tools like Wordze, Keyword Discovery, and Wordtracker estimate the number of times people search for different phrases. With the Keyword Tool, you can identify the keyword ideas with high search volume and then build a keyword list using those ideas. You can also gauge the popularity of a topic relative to other topics.
Adwords or the Google Keyword tool is quite popular and helps you to test search words currently in use and find new keyword suggestions. When you type in a word or phrase, or a website name, the tool shows you a list of similar keywords with a count of how often each word is searched. The competition column shows words most valuable to advertisers. You can create a worksheet and record the number of monthly local searches associated with each phrase. You can then analyze this data to determine which keyword phrases you should use.

To bring the right visitors to your website, SEO keyword research should be an ongoing process and old keywords should be re-evaluated and replaced if required with new and more specific phrases.

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