Top 5 Best Freelancing Websites Of 2016


Top 5 Best Freelancing Websites Of 2016

Freelancing has its own comfort in doing and executing assignments at the convenience of the person who takes up the tasks, such as writing articles, doing programming, media presentations, designing logos and much more. The scope of doing freelancing is beyond anybody’s imagination. The best part of freelancing is, you are your own boss, and you can do the job at your conveniences.

Freelancing can be taken as a full-time position or part-time position. It helps to develop your creativity even though you are employed somewhere else. It would be surprising to note the statistics of freelancers. As on record, in the US alone, more than 54 million people had been engaged in Freelancing in 2015 October. With many freelancing companies playing an important role in facilitating freelance platform, let us find out the top 5 freelance websites of 2016.

1  Toptal:


Toptal is a freelance network facilitator for designers and developers providing service from more than 90 countries all over the world. The company facilitates for technical projects and helping freelancers to meet their clients online through Toptal’s platform. There is no registration fee, but Toptal has a rigorous screening policy, and they allow only the best talented developers and designers to use their platform.

2  UpWork:


UpWork was previously oDesk and Elance. It is the largest freelancing platform in the world, and it started with the merger of oDesk and then acquired Elance and presently known as UpWork. More than 9 million freelancers are utilizing its service and services offered anything from articles writing to the web developing to programming and anything what you want to get done by a freelancer. The screening process is simple, and anybody can sign up with UpWork and registration is accepted by the simple verification process. It is an open platform, and clients need to verify the skill/s of their freelancer. Jobs are allotted to the freelancers mostly based on bids and selection is done by the client.

3  99Designs:


99Designs is for the people who have a penchant for designing. It is an open challenge platform where the clients are allowed to scroll through the profile of the registered designers and projects descriptions are provided. Here, instead of assigning the task to a particular freelancer, clients will get the opportunity to pass the jobs to as many freelancers and freelancers need to submit their proposal based on the details. This will allow the client to select the best work, and the designer will be allowed to continue with the full design of the project. More than a million designers are using the facilities of 99Designs.

4  Freelancer


Freelancer is an open freelance facilitating platform started in the year 2003. As on today, it has an estimated 17 million registered users. It is the biggest outsourcing platform. Clients and freelancers are allowed for a free signup which is a very simple process. Freelancer gives equal opportunity for bidding projects, and the clients naturally select the best bids. For beginners, their bidding process is a bit confusing but over a period, a freelancer can quickly master the bidding tricks. The platform also conducts various talent tests and helps the freelancer to market them in a better way. It is a great place to work for freelancers.

5  Guru:


Guru is in the outsourcing market since 2001. It allows freelancers to do free registration and allow them to showcase their skills and services. Freelancers can hunt for jobs that are posted now and then, as it appears frequently, and can submit their bids matching and highlighting the skills required for the project. Clients will get a chance to go through the profile of the freelancer. The payment system is secured by way escrow funding and fees are released through SafePay system after approval of the project with the client.
The above listed are some of the most active freelancing websites, who are facilitating free sourcing and meeting platform between clients and freelancers without any advance payment. There are much more such websites; some are catering on specialized categories. These freelancing websites help millions of freelancers to work and earn at their own convenience.