Top 5 largest smartphone sellers of the world


Top 5 largest smartphone sellers of the world

According to a study carried out in the last quarter of 2015, a total of 330 million units of smartphones were sold. Most people consider Samsung and Apple as the giants in the market.

The article will discuss the top 5 companies based on the units sold.

1  Samsung

County of origin: South Korea

Samsung sold 308 million units. It has 21.7 percent market share. It collected revenue of $195.88 billion in 2014.
It managed to squeeze Apple’s iPhone 6 out of the market by introducing cheaper Chinese brands. Despite the fact that it is still retained the first position, the number of sales has greatly reduced compared to previous years.
Despite introducing such as S6 Edge and Galaxy S6, it is still trying to maintain its momentum. 2015 was a good year for them as it reasserted its global leadership by growing its sales in regions such as Africa, S.E Asia and the Middle East.

2  Apple

Country of Origin: USA

It sold 191 million in 2014. Their market share is 14.1% with revenue of $182.8 billion.
In 2014, the sale of iPhones increased by more than 4o million as compared to the previous year. Though the market shares may have dropped, they managed to neutralize posed by Android competitors. Apple did so by introducing the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.
According to analysts, the sale of Apple phones may rise greatly, thanks to the Chinese growth. The increased appetite for devices among the consumers will boost the sales too.

3  Lenovo

Country of origin: China

76 million units were sold. Lenovo has a market share of 4.8 per cent and the total revenue collected in 2014 was $ 38,707 million.
This Chinese brand is famous for its PC. $2.9 billion purchases made were sales of Motorola from Google. As a matter of fact, Motorola Mobility added around five million sales.
As much as the Motorola business may be unprofitable, it has increased the presence of Lenovo on the international front. For instance, Lenovo-Motorola is one most sold smartphone models in India. About 60 per cent of mobile phones from the company are shipped outside China.

4  Huawei

Country of origin: China

In 2014, 75 million units were sold. It had a market share of 8.9 percent. The total revenue collected in that year was $46.5 billion
Huawei’s smartphone sales rise by a third to hit $11.8 billion. It has continued to ascend its success and venture into new markets such as India and Latin. When compared to LG Electronics and Xiaomi, a rival Chinese company, Huawei has challenged them. The competition is stiff.
One of the reasons for its success is the low prices for its devices. There are rumors that Huawei will partner with Google to build a Nexus phone.

5  LG Electronics

Country of origin: South Korea

56.9 million units were sold in 2014. The company has a market share of 4.6bper cent and revenue of $53.72 billion.
In 2015, LG reported an increase of 1 percent on smartphone sales. The robust sales of the G3 model were responsible for this increase. LG focuses on premium and mid-range devices.

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