Top 8 iOS Apps in 2016


Top 8 iOS Apps in 2016

Apps are portable utility services which all the users love to have on their smartphones. There are many useful iPhone apps which will help you to perform different tasks, thanks to the technology! Here are Top 8 iOS Apps of 2016:

1  Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is one of the best calendar Apps in the iPhone, which allows you to enter in already fixed appointments in natural language text. It will help you to save a lot of time on a daily basis. Normally, the process of adding events can be an arduous task, but Fantastical 2 makes it easy for you. The app is being offered to customers for about US$4.99.


  • Easy navigation bidirectional interface.
  • Reminder feature with built-in support.
  • A Widget to take care of all appointments.

2  Vine


Vine the latest app among the Social media tools to keep up the looping video craze. With Vine, you can create looping videos which are similar to GIF’s. Vine is also available on Apple watch. It is offered free to customers.


  • Helps to develop bite size looping videos
  • Vine channels at your fingertips.
  • Create your own vines.
  • Re-vine posts.

3  Translate Keyboard Pro

Translate Keyboard Pro

It is a fantastic App which helps you to break through language barriers directly from your keyboard in all Apps on your phone. This is a paid app and will cost you US$1.5.


  • Can be used with all apps.
  • Supports many languages.

4  3D Earth

3D Earth

3D Earth is an app which makes you feel like the whole Earth in 3D format on your fingertips. You can get accurate and interactive weather info with beautiful 3D images on your phone. It is a free app.


  • World clock and weather forecast.
  • Weather map.
  • Home screen temperature icon.

5  VidoMeasure


VidoMeasure is a “Measure as you view” app which is made available for iPhone users. While you watch an object through the camera, the app displays an augmented reality grid showing the actual measurements of the view. This is a great app beneficial for architects and landscapers as it helps you to measure the length and height of a building easily. The app cost you US$0.99.


  • Real-time measurement analyzing.
  • Can Pan and pinch the grid to match the object.

6  Reporter Camera


Reporter Camera is a secure camera app which is private gesture based one. It offers you a wide range of photo editing tools along with a great feature which is encryption. You can easily encrypt any picture from the gallery within a second with a single click. It will cost you US$0.99.


  • Exclusive filters.
  • Encryption.
  • White balance settings.

7  AnyScan


With AnyScan, as the name says you can scan any documents including paper, receipt, notes, tax papers and even whiteboard into PDF file. It is priced US$ 0.99.


  • Full preview is offered.
  • Ability to adjust PDF scan before sharing.
  • Can share the scanned file via the Google Drive or email.
  • Low memory usage.
  • Steady and fast response.
  • Ability to organize, sort, rename, add and delete multiple pages.
  • Can save the scan documents to Camera roll.

8  Dropbox


Dropbox is one of the best file manager available on all platforms, but it has some extra features in the iOS platform. It helps you to organize, store and share local files in the cloud and is offered free of cost.


  • Can automatically upload pictures present in the gallery.
  • 2 GB free space initially.
  • Accessible from other platforms like Windows and Android.

The above list will let you have a look at the top 8 iOS apps of 2016, and there are a lot more apps you can find with Apple store which makes life a whole lot easier!