What Are Transparent Screen Devices And When Will They Arrive?

What Are Transparent Screen Devices And When Will They Arrive?
What Are Transparent Screen Devices And When Will They Arrive?

What Are Transparent Screen Devices And When Will They Arrive?

The last century triggered a lot of technological advancements in visual media and telecommunication sectors. The technological advancement is getting bigger and bigger allowing imaginations and ideas to pump in. The digital era, as rightly said has seen much innovation and one of such is making see through i.e. transparent screen devices. The next big thing is considered transparent screen devices thanks to Hollywood movies displaying the use of transparent displays.

Existing Transparent Screen devices

Samsung, Sony, and LG are among the companies who have launched innovative see-through devices. Samsung’s Smart Window is one such device, which has transparent LCD making it act like a window as well as a smart device. One could connect to the web and even use apps on Samsung Smart Window.

LG has been planning to make a 55-inch TV screen with a picture on glass concept based on OLED. The company claims the TV will be as thin as 4 cards (debit/credit) together.

Sony has launched its semi-transparent phone back in 2009 as Sony Xperia Pureness, but it did not go down well with the customers and was a big flop in the market.

Transparent devices Rumours

The rumours are that a Taiwan-based company Polytron Technologies is working on transparent phone display screen naming it switchable glass technology. However, the problem arises to position the hardware in the phone. The company is said to be working on it. The company has not been able to make a smaller battery, which will not be visible, and so the product does not seem to be anytime coming to production. It was said that Docomo and Fujitsu have made a multi-touch prototype having touchscreen working on both the sides.

Why are transparent Screen devices not useful?

One of the major question doing round is whether there is any such demand of having transparent phone devices? This is because there are various issues and obstacles in smaller devices. The batteries and other hardware are generally kept behind the LCD panel but now LCD being transparent it has become difficult to fit all these hardware.

Picture Quality is what customers want in their touch phones and with the invention of transparent touch phones picture quality would go for a toss. In addition, the battery would not be sustainable in a transparent touch phone making it worse for users. The transparent phone would be coming in next few years, but it can never go as a mainstream product with people sacrificing on picture quality and battery for such novelty.

Transparent Screen devices having bright future

The see-through technology would be coming to all devices in near future. The future seems appealing because customers would like to have transparent devices technology implementing in their homes. The best of all can be a window. Samsung and many other companies have started displaying a demo on the display suggesting it to be installed on your home or office window. The Microsoft windows can be seen on the glass window giving rise to new hopes among customers.

Never ending imagination

In addition, if we run our imaginations and thoughts, then on every possible glass frame, the technology could be used. It can be used on sunglasses, kitchen glass appliances, or any other glass surfaces. It is an augmented sector yet but could be a reality in next few years. Thus, transparent screen technology would not be limited to only big and small devices but among various others too.