How to upgrade my smartphone to latest Android OS


How to upgrade my smartphone to latest Android OS

Making updates on your smartphone can be exciting. It will introduce you to new features.

Do you want to upgrade to the latest Android OS? Follow this simple guide. It is known as over the air technique (OTA).

1  Check the backup plan

Android OS updating is a painless process with a minimal chance of the device crashing. However, it is important to have a backup plan in case that happens.

2  Open the settings of the device

Open the settings feature on the home screen or in the app drawer.
Android updates are available on the device itself. However, there are exceptions such using the Samsung Kies for Samsung downloads.

3  Scroll and read the device information

Go to about phone option and open it. It will give you detailed information about the phone/tablet.

4  System update

Click on the system updates option. Some phones may label it as software updates.

5  Click on the check now option

Your device will scan for any updates. The availability of updates will depend on factors such as the mobile service provider or the manufacturer of the device. It is important to note that new updates may not be available in all devices.
If there is an available update, it will begin downloading immediately. Larger updates will take a longer time. It is recommended that the device being connected should be connected to a Wi-FI network and plugged into a power source.

6  Tap restart and install

For Android smartphones, you will be required to restart the device. By doing so, it will install the update on the phone. For a few minutes, your device will be rendered inoperable.
While at it, ensure that the device is charging. This is to ensure that the battery does not run out as the updates are being installed.
Some of the frequently asked questions


My system is up to date, but I do not have the latest Android version? What could be wrong?
Not all devices will support the latest Android versions. Always check with the manufacturers of the device.


My device says I have insufficient space, yet I have plenty of it? Is there any reason for not updating?
It is important to note that the phone storage is divided into 2 or 3 partitions. This means there may be inadequate space in the partition where the updates are to be installed. Try freeing up some space by deleting some apps or moving the SD card. Also, there are apps that help in creating space like the App2SD.


Will the data in my SD card be erased?
Your data should be safe. However, there are some glitches that may cause data loss. It is important to create a backup file before updating.


I cannot make any updates because on my device as it cannot to any network, not even the Wi-Fi.
Check the network settings to see if it is on. If the problem persists, restart the device or reset the factory settings. If that does not work, contact your network provider.

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