How to use your Expensive laptop the perfect way


How to use your Expensive laptop the perfect way

Laptops are price, regardless of the fact that one may have purchased an expensive brand or known. As a matter of fact, laptops are likely to suffer more damage as compared to desktops. Repairing damages to laptops is an expensive affair.

General maintenance tips for laptops

Invest in a laptop computer case

These computer cases came in handy when carrying the laptop as the possibility of the laptop being damaged is minimal. While looking for a bag, consider the following factors:

  • Size of the laptop-The size of the bag will be determined by the size of the PC.
  • The quality of the bag-Get a bag/case with an extra layer as this will protect the laptop for longer.
  • Use-will you use the bag for any other activity besides carrying the laptop?
  • Style-The bags come in different styles ranging from leather to canvas. It may be a back pack, shoulder bag, briefcase-like or messenger bag. They come in different colors too.
  • Price-A costly bag does not mean that it is the best. Choose a bag whose features appeal you-it will be money well spent.

The choice of the bag will depend on the buyer.

Keeping the battery cool

The lithium batteries being used today tend to wear out quickly. To avoid or delay the inevitable, avoid overheating the battery. Also, use the battery minimally. For those running on AC power, shutdown/hibernate the computer and work without the battery once in a while.

Eating and drinking

These are two activities that may cause damage to a computer. Coffee spills may cause a short to the motherboard. Food particles may affect the functioning of the keyboard. Food and electronics must be kept as a far away from electronics as possible.

When using at home/office, turn it to a desktop

Laptops are portable. When using your laptop at home or in the office, plug in a monitor, mouse and keyboard. Use your laptop for projecting purposes only. This will help solve the food and beverage menace as well as creating a proper and ergonomic working environment.

Proper cleaning of the keyboard

Sticky keyboard note are a common occurrence. Once the key start sticking, it is an indication that they need cleaning.

How to clean the keyboard

  • Turn your laptop upside down and gently tap it till the crumbs and particles fall out.
  • Use a can of compressed air to blow particles that may have stuck. It is important to read the instructions on the can before using it.
  • Turn the PC upside down and gently tap it to remove the remaining particles.

Cleaning the screen

Clean the screen once in a while. Dirty screens affect the display.

How to clean the screen

Use a dry cloth. It can be bought in a computer or photo shop. Move it in circular options. Apply gentle pressure on stubborn spots.

How to make a cleaning solution

Mix distilled water and white vinegar in equal parts. Put it in a spray bottle. Turn off the laptop, spray the screen and clean the dry microfiber cloth. Wait for ten minutes before booting.

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