Windows 10: An Honest Review And Criticism


Windows 10: An Honest Review And Criticism

After a volley of terrible customer feedbacks on Windows 8, Microsoft launched Windows 10. Windows 8 should have been what Windows 10 is. It came as a fresh air after a not so successful Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 version. Windows 8 was complicated and was a mess. Microsoft has made a trial version of Windows 10 free for users and is offering a free upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8 for a year.

What is new in Windows 10?

Windows 10 is an upgraded version much focussed on Touch Screen in a very integrated way. Windows 10 is a bit faster having various new features like altogether new Edge Browser, Voice assistant Cortana and Continuum (Switching between the mouse and Touch control). After using the Windows 10, there have been various goods and bad about it. Let us have a look onto it.

What is good?

The OS seems to run faster than its previous versions and is more secure. The new starts up menu and desktop look good and have a sleek new design.

  • Microsoft Contact and Support allows easy and free access to experts and techs.
  • The DIRECTX12 promises to have new heights and standards for all gamers.
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  • The Windows Store is gradually getting better with reducing the number of apps. The new Windows startup and desktop looks good and would promise users to have an exciting experience.
  • The hardware has better integration than Windows 8 with many speed improvements making it a powerful use.
  • Edge Browser is faster and has a new design. One of the significant improvements seen in Edge is that it takes Windows as its Default PDF Reader.
  • The Universal Apps in Windows 10 would be of great use to switch among Phones tablets and PCs.

There are various new features promised by Microsoft, which is still on implementation stage. Some of them are there in the trial version; rest would be available in the final version.

Edge Browser

Edge is said to be most advanced browser taking on a head to head with Chrome and Firefox. Although there is no news about any extensions and add-ons in Edge as said by Microsoft.


Cortona, the voice assistant, has our mixed reviews. While using it to send and receive emails, Cortona used to compose the e-mail but was not able to send it. There are various background sound issues pertaining to Cortona making it not much usable.

The multiple Desktop

It looks interesting but while using it makes no significant difference. One cannot have different backgrounds for different desktops making it very clumsy to move around multiple desktops.


This feature allows one to switch from touch screen arena to mouse mode is yet not fully function able. The Windows Hello offering Finger and Retina recognition need many improvements.
No support for DVD
One of the drawbacks in Windows 10 is that it does not support DVDs and by default have VLC as a free choice.

Search button

In Windows Taskbar, the Search button is integrated which cannot be removed the search button on the start menu for the web is clumsy, hangs and is typically of no use.


Microsoft offers such good features and would be powerful user stuff for consumers, but few features are only available in the trial version. It is expected to get all in the final version. Windows 10 seems to promise many new changes and alteration as compared to its previous versions, but there are many tweaks and bugs to be fixed which Microsoft would do under “Windows as a service” continuous upgrade. If Microsoft could successfully fix all the tweaks, then Windows 10 would be the most revolutionary OS of Microsoft, making it the most successful one.